In this day and time, people strive to invest less time in whatever they are doing but would like to get maximum outcome. Sports is no different, this is where Electro Fitness comes in to solve this ever-growing problem of today’s fast pace lifestyle.

Electro Fitness is a newly found fitness center in one of Dubai’s busiest areas which is looking into expanding further in the United Arab Emirates and abroad.

Located in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Electro Fitness presents its clients with the newest technology in fitness. It helps them improve their overall health and maintain their strength through Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training. This revolutionary concept of training requires only 20 minutes per week to achieve the results of a conventional 90 minute workout.


Electro Fitness is on a mission to shape the future by shaping a healthy Generation. We imagine a future full of healthy people. Electro Fitness EF will provide an EMS workout studio with daily sessions and personally designed workouts for people of all ages. Electro Fitness is on a mission to provide people with low time capacity, a full body workout in only 20 minutes a week by adapting the power of EMS recent technologies. Thus, it’s an encouraging place for young athletes, young professionals, adults, and the older adults to get fit, stay Healthy, and push themselves to unimaginable places both inside and outside of the gym.


EF vision is to be the premier EMS-based health and Fitness facility providing innovative technological impact on the whole-fitness and well-being of our community and region. We will be known for an exceptional fitness services and technologies, with the fastest results and highest quality.

EF Equipment

At Electro Fitness we pledge nothing but the best for our clients. That is why we acquired our EMS devices from XBody who in turn design state of the art, high-quality, durable training suits and machines.

Electro Fitness uses the XBody Newave which represents the next evolutionary step in the EMS industry.

Featuring hybrid wired and wireless functionality, functional and sport specific trainings, indoor and outdoor capabilities, a 15” touch screen, built-in training programs with regular software updates and many new features. This award winning EMS device stands at the pinnacle of achievement in the EMS technology.

Newave was designed to fit any EMS training needs.