How does EMS training work?
EMS is technically a full body workout using electrical stimulation. Our muscles are constantly being stimulated throughout the day with normal daily activities by Bioelectronics inside our bodies. Therefore, EMS training merely reinforces the body’s own effect through barely perceptible electric impulses from outside the body.
How long does an EMS training session take?
You can reap the maximum benefits during a 20-minute session.
How many sessions should I do per week in order to see results?
It is advisable to do either once or twice a week, depending on your goals. Three times is the maximum. However, a 48 hour rest period in between workouts is required. After 4 sessions you will feel initial results. After 10 sessions, along with a healthy diet, you can clearly see a major difference.
Do I have to move or exercise during the workout?
Yes, you do. Performing the right exercises in line with the rhythm of the impulses significantly intensifies the favorable effects of EMS training as opposed to exercising alone. Suitable exercises are given by our trainers
Do I need to have any particular training equipment?
No. At Electro Fitness we provide you with everything you need. You just need to show up. We provide you with the appropriate undergarments. Then we will dress you in the suit with electrodes that is light and made with the antibacterial breathable material.
Can I combine EMS with traditional training?
Yes. In fact, it is better if you combine both training programs.
What are the benefits of EMS training?
EMS training offers you the advantages of a traditional intense workout in a much shorter time. It is a fast, safe and effective way to build strength, increase performance, tone up and lose weight. In addition, the increase in blood flow can reduce cellulite and improve skin tone.
Why is EMS so remarkably effective?
When you come to Electro Fitness studio you should expect a full body workout in just 20 minutes. 90% of the muscle fibers in your body have contracted altogether with each and every contraction. As opposed to the conventional weight training, the lower-lying muscles are also addressed with EMS. In short, training is fast and intense.
What requirements must one meet to use EMS?
There are no special requirements. EMS is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. However, you would need to fill out a special form informing us of any special conditions you might have before starting just to make sure your tailor made program suits your desirable needs and specific condition.
Are there any medical conditions that would prevent me from doing an EMS workout?
This training isn’t recommended for people with heart disease, pacemaker or other implanted electric devices, during pregnancy or breast feeding period or for people with a predisposition to epileptic seizures.
Can I benefit from EMS training even if I have never trained before?
Yes. Even untrained people achieve with a time of fifteen to twenty minutes per week, visible and tangible results in a short period of time. On another note, not only the general toning is improved, EMS works great when specific priorities are to be set, such as stomach, buttocks or back.
Are there any medical conditions that can be improved with EMS?
Indeed there are. EMS was initially applied as a medical support therapy. It can relieve back pain. It can improve muscle condition in case of atrophy. Also, in the case of body trauma (such as knee surgery for example). It can train only specific parts of your body as required.
Can I use EMS after pregnancy?
Yes, indeed you can. But you need to validate with your physician before starting as to when it is safe to begin training after pregnancy. In fact, it depends on the type of birth you had such as natural or C-section. In the case of C-section, generally, most women can use EMS after 3 months. But it is crucial to consult with your physician first.
Is EMS good for weight loss?
Yes. During the first phase of training, you can expect to lose centimeters and in the second phase, the fat deposits are broken down resulting in fat removal and weight loss. Due to the increased muscle activity, you will also burn more calories. EMS training perfectly complements a healthy nutritional plan for an effective, long-term weight loss.
Is EMS training a long-term fitness solution?
Yes. EMS training can definitely be practiced long-term and we recommend that you continue a regular training regime in order to maintain muscle strength, as well as other positive results.
Is the current used in electrical muscle stimulation safe?
Yes. Only a low-frequency current stimulation is used during training. Therefore, there is no concern in this regard.
Does the electric current have any side effects?
No. According to a number of official studies, there are absolutely no negative side effects for healthy individuals. On the contrary, there are a lot of positive benefits. Electrical muscle stimulation has been widely used as a physiotherapy technique for many years now.
Can I get an electric shock during the workout?
No, there is no way you get an electric shock during the workout as the equipment operates at low voltage using a battery. The intensity of the generated impulses is maximum 0.05 Watt RMS.
Can the electric current harm my heart?
No. The low-frequency impulse does not reach the organs or the heart.
Are there any studies on EMS technology?
Yes, there is a lot of information and several published studies on EMS technology and its benefits.
What distinguishes Electro Fitness from other EMS providers?
Electro Fitness focuses exclusively on EMS training at their studio. Every customer gets his own personal trainer which is a very important aspect for the achievement of your training goals. In an Electro Fitness studio, the trainer focuses 20 minutes only on you.
Is there an Electro Fitness studio in my area?
Electro Fitness is still a new business. For the moment, we are only located at JLT, but we are looking to expand in the near future thus covering more areas in the United Arab Emirates and abroad.